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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A humorous coincidence.

Do you recognize this man? His name is Mandy Patinkin and he plays, Huxley, the bad guy in the movie Elmo in Grouchland, my little boy, Keaton's, very favorite movie!
Do you recognize him now? (The first guy on the left!) Yep, that is Mandy Patinkin again, or maybe better known as Jason Gideon from one of my very favorite shows, Criminal Minds!
I find it quite funny that this man is pretty much the main character in both my son and I's favorite shows! I didn't realize the connection at first, but when I did I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Do you watch Criminal Minds? (I'm addicted!)

P.S. You might also recognize Mr. Patinkin from The Princess Bride... Google it, it's pretty funny!

1 comment:

Gigi said...

He was also Avigdor in Yentl. I love Mandy Patinkin! I also love your blog.