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Monday, April 19, 2010

a mom's divine role

Jesus loved the little children.
As I come closer to the day that I will become a mother I can't help but pray for the guidance and direction that will lead me to become the kind of mother that I long to be. Daily, I pray for this guidance, never really expecting it to come all at once, or even for it to come at all before the arrival of our little one. But, last night while listening to Elder L. Tom Perry's talk from this month's General Conference this prayer was answered and the exact guidance and direction I have been asking for was given.

Elder L. Tom Perry speaks of his mother and her role as a Relief Society instructor and most importantly her role as a teacher in her home. He says, "I believe it is [even] safe to say that while my mother was an enormously effective teacher among the sisters at Relief Society, her best teaching occurred with her children in the home... she prepared so thoroughly, first, to be an example to her children of diligent Church service and, second, because she recognized that what she learned from preparing her lessons could be used repeatedly for a higher purpose—teaching her sons and her daughters."

And suddenly I have a new reason to study and learn.

Elder L. Tom Perry continues, "I am not using my mother as a role model for parents in today’s world. Times are very different today, but while times may change, a parent’s teaching must never be devalued."

When we look to our future as parents, as we gain educations, start careers, and serve in church callings, we need to remind ourselves who we will someday be teaching- or who we are already teaching- our children.

"Teaching in the home is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, where the influence of the adversary is so widespread and he is attacking, attempting to erode and destroy the very foundation of our society, even the family. Parents must resolve that teaching in the home is a most sacred and important responsibility."

I am so grateful for this most important and divine role.

(based on Elder L. Tom Perry's talk "Mothers Teaching Children in the Home" General Conference April 2010)